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Introducing the Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Rights, one of our cause partners for the Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! 2013

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Introducing: the Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Rights, our Cause Partner

For nearly 20 years this Cambodian NGO has sought to eliminate all forms of violence against children + youth, including child labor, trafficking, and sexual exploitation.  They are dedicated to the intervention, rehabilitation, and reintegration of child survivors.  They advocate for child rights, and prevent future injustices by increasing education to at-risk communities, providing life skills training, and implementing strategies to reduce poverty.  







In His Own Words - Spotlight on Mr. Thy, Executive Director - CCPCR, Cause Partner

"Our shelter residents are just children.  They need support and help because, like all children, they depend on adults.  What matters is the quality we deliver and the impact we make"

He doesn't label them as different from other children, even though they've undergone trauma like rape, trafficking and slavery.   Talking about them in this non-condescending way contributes to the success of their rehabilitation.




The Phnom Penh Anti-Trafficking Safehouse: A Cause Partner Project

In Brief:

Since 1995 the Safehouse has been a place of protection and refuge for mistreated children, rehabilitating survivors of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.  The shelter houses 50 girls and provides activities, support and assistance to help them regain dignity.

What Can Be Achieved:
All the girls' basic needs are provided for - food, clothes, shoes, and hygiene materials.  They receive healthcare, counseling, and art, group, and individual therapy.  They are taught English, literacy, computers, dance, yoga, life skills, and vocational skills.  Most importantly, they feel the love, guidance, and support that comes with being part of a family.

Where did my money go?
Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! 2012 helped:

-  Reintegrate 21 clients with their families

-  Construct a playground and vegetable garden


-  Paint the classrooms + library, and install curtain rods + curtains in 2 bedrooms

-  Upgrade the computer lab

-  Fund a 3-day excursion to the beach

-  Provide resilience classes, specialized group therapy, and daily education + arts lessons

Where this year’s money will go:

-  Support daily running costs + kids' activities

-  Expand the in-house sewing business

-  Provide community outreach + livelihood training to prevent children from entering alternative care



One Survivor's Story
(click for a visual version!)

*Srey Mao’s stepfather was an abusive, alcoholic gambler.  When she was 13 years old, he took her to the forest and raped her.  He threatened to kill her and her mother if she told anyone.  From then on her stepfather raped her often when her mother wasn’t home.

Eventually Srey Mao fell pregnant.  Her stepfather had to confess, and her mother, shocked , ran to her uncle’s home who reported the case to the police.  Srey Mao was then supported by the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center, before moving to live with CCPCR.

On her first visit with a counsellor at CCPCR, Srey Mao said she didn’t see any purpose to her life.  After several months at CCPCR, her outlook changed:

“Now I know the importance of my life.  It is incredible to me that life can brighten and shine like the sun.  I become stronger and stronger because I have good friends and staff who encourage me.  In addition CCPCR did reconciliation between my father, my aunty and I.  They love me and recognize me as a good daughter, especially my father…Now he recognizes me and supports me even! 

"The physical and mental health support...give warmth to me that I never thought possible"

After experiences at CCPCR...I know exactly how to protect myself from all forms of abuse.  Based on my life plan for the next 5 years I must become a professional tailor and improve the situation of my family. I have to save money for increasing my business…it runs smoothly and I bring happiness to my family. I am determined to build up my life from dark to bright and hopefully to get successful in the next years.”
*Name has been changed.




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