Welcome to Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Rights Career Protection Program Prevention Program

CCPCR's Mission

Our Mission

To eliminate all forms of violence against children and youth, including child labor, trafficking, sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation through intervention, rehabilitation and reintegration and to provide an education and life skills that will give survivors the ability to sustain their own futures with dignity 

Our Objectives

1-     To ensure the effective provision of quality services to rehabilitate/recover children and youth who are victims of trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as vulnerable children in target areas.

2-    To ensure safe and sustainable reintegration of beneficiaries into society, following rehabilitation at main shelter, safe house and community based program.

3-     To improve quality of services provided including psychosocial counseling, medical care, legal aid and vocational skills training in CCPCR shelters.

4-    To strengthen coordination, collaboration, and networking with all relevant government units and NGOs stakeholders in order to rescue, rehabilitate, refer and reintegrate the target beneficiaries.

5-   Well-functioning child friendly protection system established and/or strengthened in target areas.

6-   Mobilize children to actively prevent and protect themselves from violence, abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

7-   Improve quality of organization and staffs’ capacity building in order  to ensure the quality of the project implementation

 Our Values

Justice - We work to promote and safeguard the integrity of youth and children. We advocate for their rights and when they are violated we are committed to providing support.

Respect - We regard all of our employees, the youth and children in our shelters, donors, supporting organizations and the wider community with honor and dignity and without discrimination. 

Humanity - We are committed to imparting empathy and kindness to help in alleviating suffering for the youth and children we work with and all those we encounter in the community.

Transparency - We are committed to operating transparently in all our dealings with the public, donors, partners, beneficiaries, and other interested parties. Our basic financial information, governance structure, activities, and partnerships shall be open and accessible to public scrutiny in an effort to eliminate corruption and misappropriation of resources. 

Accountability - We are completely accountable to the youth and children we aim to serve, to our funding agencies, employees, volunteers, members, partner organizations, and the public at large for all our actions and decision.



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