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Radio Australia Broadcast

On June 12, 2013, Nget Thy, the Executive Director of CCPCR was featured on Radio Australia. Click here. to hear the interview in Khmer.

He discusses the issue of child labor and child trafficking within Cambodia. Children are being trafficked into what's called "the worst forms of child labor." This includes prostitution, begging, farm work, and factory work. As Thy has worked with child labor for a long time, his opinion is that the situation is gradually getting better domestically, however, children are increasingly being sent to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Within families, domestic labor is still high. Cambodian law says that children age 16 and older can work full-time jobs. Children from 12 to 15 are allowed to work after school, but only minimally with few hours and low-stress tasks.

Thy suggests we reduce child labor by educating the children about the situation. The children can act as peer and family educators to help prevent this issue from continuing.


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