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Health Care Program

Health care program 


CCPCR also works to reduce poverty by helping provide access to free or inexpensive health care. The hope is that reducing poverty will ultimately  help decrease the ills it brings to society and help promote the CCPCR mission for children's rights.

CCPCR provides health care and health education to the poor in the Kampot District, Kampot Province, through the Sre Ambel Health Care Center. The work is funded by UCC, the United Cambodian Charity, Inc. (USA). The work, joined with the government's programs, reduces the medical expenses for patients, helping cover the cost of medicine, transportation and hospitalization, thus reducing poverty.

The Sre Ambel Health Care Center offers the following care:
  • The medical staff work actively in the countryside using a Mobile Clinic. They visit a number of communities in the Kampot District, traveling three days a week.
  • The staff educate villagers about health, hygiene and proper use of medicine. Advice is also given on how to get more help at the nearby Health Center when treatment can not be given at the mobile clinic. The villagers are encouraged to make a donation to help contribute to their care, but still receive help even if they are unable to give anything. Contributions received go towards buying medicine.
  • The clinic ambulance helps bring injured to Takeo Referral Hospital for emergency care. The ambulance service has also been used to  help families transport deceased back to their communities for funeral proceedings.
  • The Kampot Health Department works together with the CCPCR medical staff to teach health education to villagers, the village chief and community leaders.



Results from last year:

  • 11,292 patients were assessed by the Sre Ambel Health Care Centre; 375 were hospitalized, 2,954 treated in the out-patients department, 7,963 were checked by the Mobile team and received dental education and a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Conditions treated at the Sre Ambel Health Centre have included diarrhea, worms, bacterial infections, dental health, respiratory conditions (pneumonia, asthma & bronchitis), skin infections, eczema, gastritis, skin allergies, muscular pain, fevers, common colds, nose bleeds and pregnancy.
  • Conducted health assessments to 11, 292 patients; including 2,261 under 5’s and 3,606 6-12 year olds. 
  • Admitted 300 new patients to the health center.
  • Provided treatment to 2954 out-patients.
  • Provided medical check-ups to 7963 patients by the Mobile team (including dental education and providing toothbrushes & toothpaste).



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