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Primary and Community Education

Primary education
CCPCR's projects in the provinces include partnering with other organizations to help promote and deliver education in the community.

CCPCR helps provide non-formal education for children and adults who have dropped out of school, and links the education with life skills. CCPCR looks to reintegrate children into public school after a year in the program.   Temporary classrooms and teachers are provided to remote areas where public schools are far from the village.

Phnom Penh

CCPCR receives funds from United Cambodian Charity (UCC) to run the Tep Maly School in Phnom Penh since 1998. CCPCR provides the two classrooms and teachers for children in the area. The students come from impoverished backgrounds where they are at risk at being forced to work to ensure the survival of the family. The cost of attending even the free public schools is prohibitive due to uniform, book and other miscellaneous costs. The school offers free education to children in Grades 1-3, allowing an opportunity for the children to gain basic education in Khmer, mathematics and English. After Grade 3, students are helped to re-integrate into the public system. Encouraging education helps to promote CCPCR's mission to end forced child labor.

From a teacher's viewpoint: "These children, they work hard. They want to learn and do all of their homework. Just because they are poor doesn't mean they aren't smart. I have been teaching here for nearly ten years and the children are very good. Without this school they would have no opportunity for education. But the numbers change, you never know how many children will come to school on one day - they may be told by their parents to stay and work so that the family can have enough to eat."

Battambang Province

CCPCR started it's education work in Battambang Province in 1998. 39 staff are employed in 11 primary schools (Grades 1-6, approximately 1950 students) in the Bevel and Phnom Preuk Districts.

CCPCR provides funds to assist in the school building furnishings and building upkeep. Students are provided with school materials. Poverty in the area is also reduced by employing local people to help build roads to the school in the target areas. Teachers are provided pedagogical training and, in addition to relevant local authorities, attend workshops on children's rights, domestic violence, and the prevention of human trafficking.

The goals of the project are to ensure that all the children receive education and are safeguarded from abusive situations, ensure community and parents participation in workshops to promote the children's rights, and prevention and protection of human trafficking in their target areas, reduce migration to other countries and also poverty in target areas, and help develop human resources and the social environment in the communities.

The donors for this project include Children's Relief Mission, Glendale, USA, World Emergency Relief, USA , and Christian's Relief Mission, USA


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