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The Village Safety Net Program



It is estimated that the total population of 5-17 years old in the country is 4.3 million, and the number of economically active between 5-14 years is 1.5 million, of who at least half could be in forms of child labour. Almost 90% between 5-17 years combine school and work, and most are from rural areas.


CCPCR’s goal with the Village Satefy Net Program (VSNP) is the elimination of child labour; a strategic measure to reduce poverty and sustain economic growth for the country. Social measures which focus on eliminating child labour give children opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills, and also their physical, moral, and mental capabilities. These measures can create better economic opportunities, heighten the capabilities of the future work force, and lessen the vulnerability of the population.


VFNP was established following the opening of the shelters in Phnom Penh and Svay Rieng province. The purpose is to link shelter activities with prevention work on human trafficking in the communities. We have worked in selected target areas in KamPong Thom province, Kampot, Svay Rieng and Sihanoukville (where we operated a shelter funded by Save the Children Norway).


Activities under the VFNP include; the promotion of child rights through facilitation of information workshops, meetings and awareness raising in the community and offering families advice on how to protect their children. The VSNP project aims to raise awareness of the sexual commercial exploitation of children through target groups, such as working with local authorities, police, teachers, students and community people to assist them with high-risk cases and issues that appear in their villages.


The strategy is to conduct three-day workshops to two community groups and children in target areas. Following the workshop, project staff conducts three follow-up meetings to review the knowledge attitude practices and provide feedback to key community people.


We select children from the VSNP group to strengthen community outreach and educate their friends. These children hold meetings to collect information from the group about the promotion of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the situation of children and intervention for children who are victims or at high risk. Children cooperate with adults to solve problems and address the fight in human-trafficking. These children are representatives of their communities, districts and provinces to advocate and promote the campaign and lobby the government.


The VSNP project in Kampong Thom Province is supported by Save the Children Norway and the ILO.

Last year, the VSNP was successful in conducting training  on counter trafficking measures to just over 14,000 villagers in the target area.

Opening of a workshop
Training program
Group discussion during workshop
Donor visit
Donations to villagers
Closing of a workshop

 Results from last year's VSN Program:



Number of Participants and Training

Workshop , Awareness Training

Target Areas


Workshops to community people


Total:  486 community network members (245 are children and 190 are adults)                       

-6 training workshops 


Work shop; Child participation, sexual abuse, Domestic violence, child labour, the important of education, Health & hygiene, Drug addiction,   trafficking and laws related to child protection.

-    2 workshops in Staung District.

-     4 workshops in Prasat Sambo district  

Kampong Thom Province


Conducted peer education to the community


Total: 19,350 people (9662 children and 9688 adults).     



Child protection, Children’s  Rights, Child education,

-    2 workshops in Staung District.

-     4 workshops in Prasat Sambo district, Kampong Thom

Conducted rapid assessment on child risks in CCPCR target areas.


Total: 86 participants; 38 children and 48 adults (45 females)                                    


Child problems in communities 

Districts: Kampong Svay, Staung, Prosat Sambo, Stoung Sen and Santhok.

Kampong Thom Province

Donated school materials to poor children to attend school.

Total: 25 children (Girls=13, Boy= 12).



Public school program  

Districts: Kampong Svay, Staung, Prosat Sambo, Stoung Sen and Santhok; Kampong Thom Province

Conducted training workshops to local authorities

Total: 100 participants (Female =29, Male= 71)

Child Rights, Domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trafficking.

TrorPang Roeusey commune, Kompong Svay Svay district. 

Conducted advocacy training workshops to child community network.

Total: 242 children      (Female =142, Male= 100).

District and Provincial level

How to mainstreaming children ideas at district level” workshop - strategy approach, advocacy, problem & solutions for child rights issues.

Districts: Kampong Svay, Staung, Prosat Sambo, Stoung Sen and Santhok; Kampong Thom Province

Selected child representatives in the community

Total: 49 children (Girls =23, Boy= 26). District and Provincial level


Districts; Kampong Svay, Staung, Prosat Sambo, Stoung Sen and Santhok; Kampong Thom Province

Peer education to children and adults in communities

Total: 4,360 participant      (Female =2,331, Male= 2, 029). District and Provincial level

The important of education,  child rights, and the role of the child protection network

Districts: Kampong Svay, Staung, Prosat Sambo, Stoung Sen and Santhok; KampongThom Province


Conducted awareness raising to children in primary & secondary school.


Total: 320 children        

     (Girl =176, Boy= 144).



Child rights, reporting, how to protect yourself, health protection, child network, and the importance of education.

1.Tnol bek primary school and secondary school

2.Lvear Chum primary & secondary school 

3.Kok Gnoun primary school.


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