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The Cambodian Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights: Mission and impact on child exploitation in Cambodia. The values of Justice, Respect, Humanity, Transparency and Accountability underpin the Vision and Mission of CCPCR:

Vision - A world in which the natural and legal rights of children and youth are universally accepted in a society free from all forms of violence and exploitation.

Mission – To rescue, rehabilitate and successfully integrate children and youth of any nationality who have been physically or sexually abused, are victims of trafficking, forced into prostitution, or who are at risk of these situations, as well as to increase public awareness of the vulnerability of children.

Children are the future; protecting them, providing trafficking awareness and preventing child abuse are vital for the future of children – this is the mission of the Cambodian Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights. Economic hardship can make the poor members of society more susceptible to trafficking and abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) with children being more vulnerable. Children and young people are being kidnapped, trafficked, sold into brothels, “sweat shops’ and child beggar ‘rings’.

CCPCR’s determined staff and constant efforts contribute considerably to breaking the cycle of abuse within the communities it serves. Dedicated volunteers from all over the world also come and assist throughout the year.

CCPCR’s program consists of:

  • Investigation and Rescue
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Reintegration
  • Prevention and Community Education

The Cambodian Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights’ (CCPCR) works in collaboration with and has active involvement with the Police and Social Welfare authorities.

CCPCR directly supports its mission statement by proactively addressing the issue of rescuing children and youth of any nationality in Cambodia from abuse and trafficking and rehabilitates and reintegrates them into society to have the chance of a meaningful life and good prospects. This is achieved by giving an education in primary school and in university or the chance to follow vocational training. With CCPCR’s help, children can develop, grow, and have resilience and the desire to enter society in a positive and worthwhile way and have belief and hope for their future.

For twenty-two years, since 1994, CCPRC has advocated children’s rights and provided many aspects of the care, attention and action that is vitally needed to rescue, support and reintegrate children into society. This has been achieved (to name just a few) through:-

  • Education, (pre-school, primary, university, vocational training)
  • Libraries
  • Kids’ Clubs
  • Sponsorship
  • Self Help Group
  • Rice Bank/cow bank
  • Community Leaning Center
  • Village Safety Net Program,

There are also Transit Centres through which the clients are received and screened to ensure the care and attention that each person needs and deserves.

CCPCR has provided Shelters where counselling, trauma recovery and the implementation of individual re-integration plans are put into place sensitively while giving the time, the care that is needed for recovery. CCPCR operates in some provinces in Cambodia - Phnom Penh, Sihanouk ville, Kampot, Svay Reing, Kampong Thom, Koh Kong and Siem Reap. Some services are also provided at the Poipet border with Thailand and there is a Transit centre in Svay Reing province at Vietnam border.

CCPCR’s program:

Children need a safe, caring and kind environment in which to recuperate and recover from trauma, this is provided in Transition Houses (Halfway House) for young teenagers and 18+ to live under supervised care as they adjust into adult life.  The emphasis is on short and medium term help to enable ownership of a client’s positive and worthwhile future in society. CCPCR Counsellors and Social Workers assess each family and individual and formulate an individual case plan; these are personalised and appropriate to a client’s needs and followed up according to a client’s progress and requirements. Once they are reintegrated there is follow up for support and advice.

Facts and Figures:

CCPCR has helped and supported over 2500 children since it started operating in 1994.

600 children helped since 2011.

114 children attended Kids Clubs, to support pre-school and primary children, in Siem Reap.

Five new Kids Clubs, to support pre-school and primary children, opened in Svay Reing in 2014.

Boys' shelter opened in Svay Reing in 2012 – 22 boys in residence.

New half -way house opened in Phnom Penh in 2012.

Kumar Kampuchea opened for 26 girls and 9 boys, playground equipment for children and adults, volleyball court and net. Svay Reing, bathroom upgrade, new bunkbeds in the boys’ shelter in 2013.

Evidence and Case Studies:

CCPCR 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Annual Report and Case Studies details.

  • Child with Frontal Mengingoencephelocle (MEC) helped medically and the child is now able to attend school.

Twenty five students studying at University in Phnom Penh such as Social Work, accounting, Khmer literature, IT, Law, hospitality, Public Administration, and and Marketing. So, some of them are year 4, and other year 3 & 2.    


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