Welcome to Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Rights Career Protection Program Prevention Program

Phase 1: Investigation & Rescue

Phase one
CCPCR does not directly 'rescue' children from abussive situations, rather cases are reffered to us. Most of the girls brought to the shelters are brought in by police, concerned community members or through other human rights rescue organizations. The children are rescued from brothels and other locations where young children are kept for sexual purposes, or from situations of domestic abuse or labor trafficking.

CCPCR works to:
  • Rescue children from brothels in collaboration with police inspectors and authorities.
  • Provide legal assistance for the victims by filing complaints or taking legal action in court.
  • Provide children with lawyers and caretakers.
  • Provide protection to witnesses.
  • Deliver training to law enforcement personnel with regards to investigation and criminal law procedures.


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