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shelter overview
Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Project to Support Victims of Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation:

One of the main aims of our work is to help provide a safe and secure home for children and youth (girls only) whom are in high-risk situations such as sexual or labor trafficking and sexual or domestic abuse.

CCPCR is committed to helping any young woman or girl no matter what their country of origin is, who are between 3 to 25 years; this age range is just a guide, as we strive to get to the operating point where we do not have to turn any vulernable case away. CCPCR has established shelters to provide, most importantly care, guidance, support and a loving 'family' - attributes of which very few girls have experienced before. We also provide counseling, empowerment, education and vocational training. The girls are brought to the shelters by police, local authorities, concerned community members or human rights NGO personnel, and they reside at the shelter for a period of six months to two years, depending on their personal situation and needs. Some girls do stay at the shelters longer, even for a number of years, if reintegration is not deemed safe. For these girls the shelter is their primary home throughout their childhood.
At any given time, we aim to keep the maximum number of beneficiaries housed at around 45 for each shelter, however many times throughout the year we face a demand for our services that is higher than this figure. The services in each shelter provided are: food, clothing, vocational skills training, basic education, health care, counseling, as well reintegration assistance. CCPCR partners with other NGOs, the police and Cambodian Government agencies in the provision of aid to the children

CCPCR runs shelters in two locations: Svay Rieng and Phnom Penh (one other facility exists in Sihanouk Ville but it has been closed since 2007 due to lack of funding). A Transition House opened in Siem Reap in early 2011 which is, initially, a pilot project that acts as a stepping stone from shelter care to full reintegration back into society. 

The care CCPCR offers is broken down into three phases:
  • Phase 1: Investigation and Rescue
  • Phase 2: Rehabilitation
  • Phase 3: Reintegration


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