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Former Trafficked Victim Got supported to Improve Livelihood

Chan is a survivor of trafficking to marry Chinese man when she was 15 years old. She is the second child among 6 siblings in her family, because of the poverty, the family owed a lot of loan, and her parents did not have career, Chan and her elder sister decided to marry a Chinese man through the brokers' lured that there will have much money.

Chan said, “It was so scare and dangerous when I was brought by broker to China ​acrossed Vietnam border throw forest, river and​ mountain by walk, car and motorbike about 8 days.”

Actually, Chan was tricked into trafficking to China, she and her sister were separated to different place and she was forced to choose one of the men who came to visit her as wife.


"It was difficult and there was no freedom like our country," she said, and she escaped for help to return home. She was rescued back home while her mother has baby, and Chan also pregnant, so the situation in her family was very difficult and pitiful.

However, with supported by CCPCR the partner of USAID's CTIP provided fund through Winrock International,  Chan and her mother, and both infants are provided support on basic need and baby material to further improve their livelihoods.

Chan's mother said, "The CCPCR has helped my family a lot, with supported on both material and money, without the help my family not better as Today." 

Now, Chan's family has improved, five members of family can earn money in farm of rubber plant. Their family get income about 3 million riels per-month and can effort to buy a modern motorbike.

In the future, Chan wants to have her own skill and career as Salon to support her family and provide her children and siblings with high education to meet the change not to be cheated as her. Chan is the fake name.


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