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“My Dream Come True with Hair Dressing and Salon Business”

Survivor Got a Skill Training and Equipment Supported to have business at home

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Srey Nech is a former victim from the poor family which used to migrant when she was 10. Living in old cottage with a leaking roof in Kampong Ro near the border of Vietnam, Srey Nech quitted school at grad 9 to find job as garment worker to support her family and 3 sibling because her parents are illiterate, have no sustainable job or land to farm and her mother also live with illness.

Even thought, Srey Nech was working in young age to support her family but the condition still bad and her mother still brought her brother and sister to beg for money in Vietnam.

Living and Begging on the streets in Vietnam was very dangerous and difficulty, especially eating and bathing. They had to escape from gangster and Vietnam authorities. Unfortunately, Srey Nech’s mother and siblings were deported back to Cambodia through CCPCR’s Bavet Transit Center.

Through the need assessment from CCPRC’s social worker with Srey Nech and family, When Srey Nech was 17, she was supported to study hair dressing as vocation skill training which under supported of USAID – CTIP program through Winrock International. She was received accommodation and food while she was studying.

Srey Nech said, “ I am so happy that I my dream came true, with supported on Hair dressing and Salon skill by CCPCR, because I love this skill since I was a child, even at the time I worked as garment worker I was asked to do it (by my co-workers).”

Srey Nech discovered her talent for the favorite skill, working hard and learning quickly. After six months, she completed her course and received startup kits from CCPCR to run a small business at home.

Now, Srey Nech is 19 years old and she can make money from 30000 Riels to 100 000Riel per-day to support her family. Srey Nech’s mother said, “Before her children had no chance to study regularly because I brought them to beg for money in Vietnam. But when my first daughter has skill and business at home, my family’s condition is better and I stop leaving to beg, so my children can go to school regularly with material supported by CCPCR as well.”

Srey Nech has a plan to broaden her business on selling cosmetics and providing dressing service for wedding, while her parents want to sell goods and grocery, and raise chicken at home to make much more money to build a house.


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