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Rice Bank Met the Need of People to Stop Risky Migration

The rice bank which was formed by the Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Rights (CCPCR), a partner of Winrock International’s Countering Trafficking in Persons Program (CTIP) throw granted support from USAID is full filled the rice to meet the need of people during shortage season.

This second rice bank was established in Russei Chhuor KangChhoeung village, Krol Kor Commune, Svay Chrum District in Svay Rieng Province, with effort collaborating of villagers, on April 26, 2018, CCPCR sponsored more than 13 tons of rice.

According to CCPCR's Livelihood Officer, Mr. San Sorn said in his experienced, clients complained about the roots cause of migration was the food shortages, so CCPCR initiated to establish the rice bank to meet their needs.

Mr.  Kong Mong the village chief said that, people in his village often lack of food during rainy season about 3 to 4 months, because at that time, they have not harvested rice yet, and before they always borrowed money from MFI to buy rice.

"The rice bank is comforting the livelihood of people, so they are hopeful with rice supply from this rice barn, and the migration might be reduced with the source of rice to eat and to continue their work on rice field or farmland," he said.

Mrs. Un Phuoeng a villager stated that, she was glad with CCPCR’s project to support her community with rice barn. And she continued that people in her village can borrow rice to support their food demanding.

"Now there will be no more rice loan with double payout, but the dealer still earn the same interest rate as well, She said. The poorer people are happy with the rice supported, and it is easier. It is not much difficult as to borrow rice with 50% interest rate from private sector as before, she continued."

Nowadays, there are 2 rice banks has already been formed successfully, and it has been important to help many clients in target commune in Svay Rieng province to improve their livelihood standard and stop bringing their children to beg and work abroad.


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