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Pig Raising to Improve livelihood of Survivors

The house used to be quiet and children was drop out of school and went away from home to make money with parents, because the household had no specific job or career beside rice farm and there was no market to sell rice production in high price.  

In Chantrea commune, Chantrea district, at Svay Rieng province, most of people there are non-education and poor in family. They faced with migration to sell lottery tickets or their child forced to beg for money in Vietnam after farming season.

Keo and her child are survivors of migrant abuse who used to live in a small house and had nothing to eat, and experienced about 8 times of migration to make money in Vietnam.

She said, it was very difficult, no enough foods, lived on the street, under bridges and near the market and always escaped from police.

In 2013, she was arrested and sent back to her community in Cambodia through CCPCR Bavet transit center. Fortunately, she and her family was assisted and supported to have career as pig raising at home.

Keo's family got provided the training on business and financial management, farming and animal raising, they were also added to be member of rice bank and saving group to get loan for pursuing sustainable business.

Anyway, CCPCR also provided support on education of their children such as enroll them to state school, support on school material, bike cycle and clothes.

Passing through hard condition of life, Keo’s family was improved with their pigs raising, they earned from about 2 to 4 million riel during 3 to 4 months.

Keo has money to build a house after they broaden their career with much more pig raising and be able to support their children's education.




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