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Successful Collaboration to Return 33 victims from Vietnam

On 4th November, 33 Cambodian, including 25 (14 females) Trafficked children were repatriated from long An province, Vietnam country by Cambodia Center for the Protection of Children's Right (CCPCR), a partner of USAID's Cambodia Countering Trafficking in Persons Program (CTIP) implemented by Winrock International. They were referred by Vietnam authority to Cambodian authorities through CCPCR's transit center.Situation of children when returned from Vietnam

CCPCR Coordinated with service for this repatriation, such as accommodation, counseling, foods and Interview with the screening form. Some victims got supported on traveling back home.

After interviewed, 25 (14f) children were identified as victims of exploitation of labor trafficking because they were sent to beg and sell lottery by their parents, relatives and brokers and other 8 adults were victims of migrant abuse.

All of them complained about poor situation in their family, no money for study, and have debt, that why they decided to go to earn in Vietnam.

One child said her parents have debt, she didn't have money to buy school material, so she was sent to sell lottery and beg for money with other neighbors."It was not so difficult and got bitten, but I was scared with walking and sleeping on the street. I had to escape when I saw the police", She added.     

In form of illegal migrant, all of them were arrested and detained by Vietnamese authorities about two months before referred to Cambodia. However after process the document of repatriation and screening form, CCPCR reintegrated them to community to live with their family.Survivors met with authorities when arrived ccpcr’s transit center

One other child said, this is the first time for him to go there and he was very afraid when the police arrested him and he never think he can back home safety."I want to pursue my study" He continued. He will not go there again, even his parents force him, he will tell them about the risky and difficult of living there.

For violation against human trafficking and child trafficking in Cambodia, CCPCR with supported of partner of USAID's Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Person Program (CTIP) implemented by Winrock International, is working closely with victims and victims’ families, especially the vulnerable people to protect and prevent from the issue.

CCPCR's staff counseling with survivor

Precisely, CCPCR provided some basic need to victims and victims' families and grant for running small business at home to make sure that the family have sustainable income and their children get a chance to study. Moreover, CCPCR also disseminate them with awareness raising, in order to spread the information about risky of migration, human trafficking, and set up SHGs and AC to improve their living condition.

However, for these 33 cases of repatriation, CCPCR will provide them some service, such as counseling, enroll them to public school with school material to pursue their study and adults will be provided the skill training and grant for small business at home in order to avoid from repeat migration and human trafficking.


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