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Photo Slide show about activities of Reintegration and repatriation

The 3 month (July to September) of CCPCR's activities, There were 98 victims of trafficking were rescued back to their homeland and got CCPCR's service provided. 51 people repatriated (30 females) from Vietnam, and they referred to get provided the short term basic needs such as food, accommodations, counseling and transportation. They were forced to beg and sell lottery in Long An (Vietnam). Regarding the screening form, 12 children were referred to provide the short term support at shelter of CCPCR in Svay Reing Province because these children have no parents and bad situation in family or could not find their families, and other 41 people were reintegrated into their community.

CCPCR also admitted 47 ( 13F) from IOM and anti-Trafficking police, the victims of human trafficking the age is under twenty up to fifty years old and reintegrated them to live with their families. 43 victims forced labor trafficked to Malaysia, Indonesia and Arab were reintegrated to their provinces in Cambodia, and other 4 cases were Vietnamese women victims who trafficked sexual exploitation to Kampong Cham Province and were reintegrated to live with their family in Vietnam.





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