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CCPCR’s NGOs Partner Visited Kampong Thom for Improvement of Prevention Program

Children in CCPCR's Kindergarten in Kampong Thom

3 staffs of AOI NGOs from Japan, came along with the Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights (CCPCR) to visit and discuss about how to improve the prevention program at target area in Kampong Thom province. AOI is one of CCPCR's NGOs donor on prevention project in Kampong Thom Province, and they sent their staffs to do assessment about situation of peopel and look around the CCPCR's program in Kampong Thom province from September 5th to 9th 2016.  

During this five days, CCPCR staffs showed them almost kind of prevention program such as Child Club, Parents Club, CCWC, Saving group. While visiting, they asked some questions to villagers and members of each groups to know more about the progress, the problem and the successful experience of CCPCR's project.

One villager said we feel happy that we could be accepted in to this program. Some parents used to beat their children often because they didn’t understand much about children’s rights. But after joining the program, the violent problem decreased and parents tried to send their children to school regularly and give them clean water for health taking care.

CCPCR's staff discuss with AOI staff

However, after conducted an interview with some target people, there are some challenges should be solved, so CCPCR and AOI correspondents discussed about it at Phnom Penh office. CCPCR's Technical Adviser, Mr. Meas Sambath said that there are many illiterate people who did not get any education, so it is difficult to make them understand and acquire knowledge. We have to consider about their fact situation. He added.

One AOI's staff noticed that most of villagers could understand about the knowledgeable and rights of their children, but unfortunately the poor condition of family was affected on their children's education and health. It is also big problem and we have to find solution. "We are thinking about how to provide more variously support by looking for the cooperation from other Japanese NGOs," he added.

Importantly, for three hours discussion, they also highlighted about migration, the problem of children quit school, and poverty in village.

Finally, Executive Director of CCPCR, Mr. Nget Thy said in Countryside there are many vulnerable children who needs to be helped and CCPCR hopes for continuing more long term cooperation with AOI to get result, because it takes long time to succeed this program. And we wish that AOI can provide effort to help more children by building kindergarten or other additional support. "If this project finished with success, we would better have more various program in other provinces together", he added.

building Kindergarten


 Written and Photo by Yuya Yamakawa


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