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CCPCR Set up Self Help Groups in 15 more Villages

CCPCR's staff coordinated to form SHGsCambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Right (CCPCR) conducted a meeting with target groups in 7 target communes to set up more Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Svay Rieng. There are 15 more SHGs formed to serve the basic needs of people in the countryside and in purpose to end up migration. 

These SHGs were formed under supported by partner of USAID's Cambodian Countering Trafficking in Person (CTIP) the program implemented by Winrock International. For providing advantage to beneficiaries and poverty people, these groups would allow them to loan for running the family business or do farming and lend rice for eating.

To set up SHGs from one to one village, CCPCR Livelihood officer, Mr. San Sorn said CCPCR provided capital for storing rice, initially provided technical and training on process only. Meanwhile, progress requires the participation of the citizens themselves contribute money build barn and monthly savings.

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"they could get grain loan from self-help groups to eat, borrow money to run family business to increase their incomes to support their children's education and to help them avoided from migration and exploited their children to beg in Vietnam.", He added.

People who attended the meeting said they have always fallen shortage of capital and food to eat, so the formation of self-help groups will provide many benefits to them and they can help each other through the contribution.

According village chief of Riesey Chuorkhang Chheng village, these SHGs could help the poor family or contribute to develop the village by sharing budget to repair roads and school construction. The program has provided both financial and technical organizations by CCPCR, so that those members should be honest and work hard to improve their livelihoods, He added.

He added: "This group significantly contribute to people's life, within the reason of having capital for bartering in village, for example one farmer wants to plant without capital, so he has loan for cropping. Another thing, if people have business at their homeland, they never wants to go far away from home, unless they have no choice, so it would be reduced the migration rate".CCPCR's staff explain about important of SHGs

Before decided to set up these SHGs, people get through coordination of CCPCR staff to discuss, consultant and present to understand the benefits and taste of being members. So they would commit to contribute their property. The reason of forming these 15 more SHGs is based on the successful experience of CCPCR's Rice Bank and Saving Group. 


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