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Case study - IOM training on representatives of 14 child clubs

From the 30th of September to the 3rd of October, 40 children representing 14 Child Clubs attended a two-day training coordinated by CCPCR and provided by IOM on human trafficking and safe migration. 20 children from Kampong Ro District attended the training at Kset Secondary School while 20 children from Chantrea District, attended the training at the Teng Mao Community Learning Centre.

They learned and discussed about the meaning of migration, the positive and negative effects of migration, the reasons why some people choose to migrate illegally and what are the challenges they can be faced with while doing so. Through case studies and group discussions, they were able to share and reflect about the roots causes of illegal migration such as the debt and poverty of the family, unemployment, or in some cases the power of attraction exerted by neighbors or friends who migrated and improved their material situation.

The trainers went through the documents and procedures required to migrate safely and legally such as having a passport and visa and passing through a checkpoint, confirm to the village chief the place, the job and the persons who are accompanying the migrant as well as having a work contract stipulating the salary and eventually the accommodation that they will receive once arrived in the country of migration. They also talked about the tricks used by smugglers and showed the children a video about human trafficking in the fishing industry. Finally, the children played games to help them remember key words.



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